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Save Chatham High School Wrestling

Dear Parents,

We wanted to provide you with an update on the Chatham High School Wrestling Program. As many of you are aware, Chatham High School had less than a handful of participants in the wrestling program last year. To complicate matters, the wrestling coach resigned at the end of the season and there are only a couple of children from the Middle School team that would be joining the High School program next year.

To get ahead of this situation, as soon as the 2017-2018 season ended, we started working with the Chatham High School (CHS) Athletic Director.  We have had numerous discussions with Chatham school officials and we’re given a fair degree of transparency. As part of those discussions, we explored what might be needed for CHS to maintain a standalone program and also potential for a cooperative program with a surrounding town.

Based on our discussions, we recommended that Chatham pursue a cooperative (Co-Op) venture with a surrounding town.  Summit has been proactive with respect to the possibility and expressed interest. A Co-Op would allow CHS students to participate together, allow time for Chatham’s youth program to continue to build and feed into the high school program.

Recently, the School District of Chathams' (SDOC) Finance Committee made the decision to conditionally fund the 2018-2019 school year, whether it be a Co-op or standalone program at CHS, based on a minimum of 10 wrestlers.  If there are not 10 wrestlers, Chatham will not fund any team and the students, who wanted to wrestle, would have the option to explore wrestling on their own for other schools while attending Chatham as per NJSIAA rules. Communication and details will be made by the CHS Athletic Director directly to the affected CHS students and parents.

Over the next few months, we expect that more information will be made available to parents, students, and the Youth Program. We expect that there will be a deadline established by SDOC to meet their minimum criteria for funding the CHS wrestling program. As such, we wanted to alert and assure you, the Chatham Wrestling Board is working on an action plan to help Save Chatham Wrestling!  We will need everyone’s help in recruiting or encouraging student athletes to consider registering for the High School wrestling program.

Chatham Youth Wrestling Board